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1. What’s your name? (You can use a nickname or handle if you don’t want to give out your real name.) my name is andrea, but my friends callme andy
2. What are you studying? How long have you been studying at TEC? ITC, this is my 4th semester.
3. Could I ask you a few questions about ethics at college?
4. As members of the academic community, teachers and students have the responsibility to obey ethical principles; do you think there should be some punishment for those who don’t respect that? I think there should be punishment for ethical misbehavior if it leads to abuse of other people’s rights.
5. Do you think academic honesty is central in the educational process? Yes, I think honesty should be one of the most important values to forge in any community.
6. Do you know what cheating is? Do you consider cheating an ethical issue at college? Could that be a reason to get expelled? I do think cheating should be considered an ethical issue, but getting expelled for cheating seems a bit drastic to me.
7. Have you ever brought a cheating sheet to a test? No, I’ve never done it,
8. What do you think about those students who cheat on a test? In your opinion, what would be an appropriate sanction for them? Well, it depends on the situation. Sometimes it isn’t as bad as it seem. Students are required to get good grades, and unpredicted situations may interfere with this goal, though is not an excuse for cheating, it should be considered as well.
9. Do you know what plagiarism is?. It ¡s representing the ideas, words, or data of another person or persons as one's own. Do you think plagiarizing is a quite common practice among students nowadays? Yes, I think is a very common practice in reports, essays and other written works.
10. What could we do to prevent or sanction plagiarism? I think it depends mostly on the student’s education on ethical issues.
11. What do you think about discrimination based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc? First of all is true that we cannot agree with everyone’s ideas, and we may even think in an opposite way, but is not a fair reason for treating people differently.
12. Have you ever seen any member of the academic community engaged in discrimination or any other misconduct?( smoking, sexual harassment, unfair treatment, etc) I have seen a community member doing such things. He used to say some unpleasant commentaries or jokes about gender, religion and sexual orientation.
13. If you saw anyone engaged in ethical misconduct, what would you do? Would you confront him or tell another person? I would confront him.
14. In your opinion, what would be an example of unethical behavior? As I mentioned before, jokes about gender and religious matters in an academic institution seem unethical to me,
15. Do you totally agree with the moral cod. Yes I do
1. Do you totally agree with the moral code and school rules dictated by the university? If not, say why? Yes I do

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  1. hello boys! I really enjoy the game of pacman!!!

    I think that teamwork is much harder and even more if they are all men that were never organized to finish on time ..

    hehe I hope that it has not happened to you.

    good luck this wednesday

  2. hey ke pex, and the pictures of the girl?????


    see you



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