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1. What’s your name? (You can use a nickname or handle if you don’t want to give out your real name.)
My name is Nancy.
2. What are you studying? How long have you been studying at TEC?
I’m studying LIN and I have been studying at Tec 2 years.
3. Could I ask you a few questions about ethics at college?

Yes, of course.
4. As members of the academic community, teachers and students have the responsibility to obey ethical principles; do you think there should be some punishment for those who don’t respect that?

I though that there isn’t a punishment, because as you mentioned before, we are talking about ethical principles, so you can’t punished someone for a an action than for them it isn’t wrong, but as a academy you are commit to form ethical person so, may be must be a punishment for everyone than don’t follow the principles.

5. Do you think academic honesty is central in the educational process?

Of course, because I thought that if one person is honest with himself in that aspect will be honest with him in every way and that convert him in a successful person.

6. Do you know what cheating is? Do you consider cheating an ethical issue at college? Could that be a reason to get expelled?
I agree that cheating someone it’s not ethical, but it depends of the size of the lie to take the decision of expelled someone.

7. Have you ever brought a cheating sheet to a test?
No, I’ve never done it.
8. What do you think about those students who cheat on
a test? In your opinion, what would be an appropriate sanction for them?
In think than you don’t cheat anybody, you just cheat yourself. And the sanction, for example to copy someone it’s not so bad but found someone with a piece of paper, that is so bad, so a thought that a good sanction is not count the note of that test.

9. Do you know what plagiarism is?
Is to steal the ideas of someone else y say than are yours.
10. What could we do to prevent or sanction plagiarism?
I think that depends of the education of the person and of her values.

11. What do you think about discrimination based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc?

I am not a person who discriminate people, but I hate the people who do that because in this world everybody are the same, just with a little differences like the color of the skin or economical position.

12. Have you ever seen any member of the academic community engaged in discrimination or any other misconduct?( smoking, sexual harassment, unfair treatment, etc) Not at all!!!

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