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domingo, 3 de mayo de 2009


Hi what is your name?
Im Eugenio Diaz Ordas.
How old are you?
I´m nineteen years.
When did you born?
I was born on April 14th, 1990
Where did you study in your kinder garden?
I studied in Ecole Kinder garden.
Did you remember your first class?
Yes I remember that day I cried all day, because I wanted to be in home.
Did you remember your best friend in the kinder garden?
Oh yes my best friend was Emiliano, he was my best friend for two years.
Did you practice any sport in your childhood?
Yes I practiced Tea Woon doo and I swam.
What cartoons did you watch in your childhood?
I saw a lot of cartoons, but I really liked Los caballeros del Zodiaco.
Did you remember your best b-day in your childhood?
I just remember mi last birthday it was best, I celebrated de 18 years.
Who did you look like when you where an early teens?
I was a chubby and little child.
Did you have a hobby in your childhood?
Yes of course I collected Tazos.
What kind of games did you play in your childhood?
I liked the yoyo, and olayed Nintendo.
Where did you like to go in your childhood?
I liked to went to the park and gamecenters.
Do you have pets in your childhood?
No I didn´t have a pet.
Did you play some musical instrument in your childhood?
Yes I played the guitar.

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